City warns of job scam!


THE City of Cape Town has urged job seekers to be careful of fraudsters posing as city officials.

This comes after the city was alerted to a fake message doing the rounds on social media about job vacancies and interviews.

The city now wants to inform people and all prospective job seekers to be cautious when receiving these messages.

The city said it didn’t charge for job applications and this was a sure way to know that residents were being targeted by fraudsters.

Nandipha Mvokwana (45) said people were desperate for jobs, which was why they didn’t notice fake messages.

“People have lost their jobs and will do anything to get jobs. It is not nice sitting at home while your family is looking after you,” said Nandipha.

She said they appreciated what the city was doing, but they wouldn’t reach everyone.

“The city needs to hand out pamphlets to warn residents about these fraudsters before they con more people,” said Nandipha.

Another resident said a lot of people posed as city officials wanting to explain the vaccine to residents.

“A lot of things have been happening, especially after the lockdown. People are looking for ways to make money and poor residents looking for jobs will be victims,” said the resident.

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