Ace 'arrest' divides youth league

Ace Magashule. Photo by Jabu Khumalo
Ace Magashule. Photo by Jabu Khumalo

THE Free State ANC Youth League provincial task team has hit out at members of the league from the province who came out in defense of ANC secretary general Ace Magashule.

The task team in a statement peppered with colorful words distanced itself from the statement, labeling the group a ma-gang-shule.

It further described the group as an erstwhile youth league leadership whose purpose is to create shadow-imaginary stories that "a possible arrest of criminals such as Ace will destroy the ANC".

The task team said it believed the arrest of Magashule will be made soon. This despite the Hawks reiterating on Wednesday that there was no warrant of arrest for Magashule.

"There is no amount of ideological farting and twerking of eldership can convince us that State institutions of law enforcements are used against "RET-forces.

"Ace Magashule has led no "Economic Struggle" in Free State as a former Premier and Provincial Chairperson of the ANC, except for destroying comrades and wrecking marriages," said the task team.

It said the members who released the statement does  not represent the young people of Free State but their persal numbers and tenders.

" They must be moerd tomorrow for making the revolutionary house a play ground to twerk for leadership," it said.

As news of alleged imminent arrest of Magashule, a statement purporting to be from the Free State ANCYL began circulating, denouncing the intended move saying this was abuse of state resources to settle political scores.

It alleged this was done to target political "big fish" who it said was Magashule

"By so doing, the public is sold a negative narrative underpinned by falsehoods, character assassinations and manufactured allegations which will never stand a test of time in a competent court of law," it said.

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