A KZN councillor “with a bright political future” is in hot water over a case of alleged sexual assault.

It is claimed the councillor (30) apparently thought giving a lift to a woman gave him the right to extra pleasure. When his alleged harassment for a roadside blowjob went out the window, he then reportedly took matters into his own hands and masturbated in front of the terrified victim.

The councillor is due to make his first appearance in court today on a charge of sexual assault. He reportedly handed himself over to cops on Friday.

Daily Sun learned that the alleged incident happened early this month and that a case was opened immediately afterwards with police.

Sources allege that the suspect gave the woman a lift when he saw her hitchhiking. It is alleged he then took her to nearby bushes, where he requested that she perform oral sex on him.

Upon her refusal, it is alleged, the suspect masturbated in her presence.

The suspect’s colleagues, who cannot be named, said they were shocked by the news. “We know the suspect as a well- mannered young man who has a bright future in politics,” said one colleague.

“If this incident is indeed true, it may destroy his political career.”

The colleague said they had not yet had an opportunity to hear details of the incident from the suspect himself.

“It was a good move that he handed himself over to cops after being allegedly instructed to do so.

“This is really not a small case. Not only his reputation will be ruined, but also that of the municipality and his political party,” said the source.

KZN police spokesman Lieutenant- Colonel Thulani Zwane said according to the information cops had, the suspect did not penetrate the woman who laid the charge against him.

“He touched the woman inappropriately and conducted himself in a wrong manner,” he said.

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