Pastor Enoch Phiri says people must not send money if they're called from the number 083 942 9332.
Pastor Enoch Phiri says people must not send money if they're called from the number 083 942 9332.

PASTOR Enoch Phiri said his church’s prayer hotline has been hijacked by criminals! 

SunReaders are warned that if someone calls them from the number 083 942 9332 demanding money for a prayer, they must not hand over a cent. 

The pastor of Restoration House Church in Protea Glen, Soweto, said he received complaints from a number of people saying they had deposited money for prayers from him. 

“I was shocked. I don’t make people pay for prayers. I have never demanded money from anyone,” he said. 

The SunTeam called the number and also had a long chat on WhatsApp with the man on the other side of the line. 

The fake pastor asked for a money transfer to a supermarket. He also said if someone washed in salt water, all their problems would go away and they would receive R50 000 a month. 

When asked where he was from, the man said he was from Malawi. However, he couldn’t say where in the country he was from and changed his story, saying he was from Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga. 

Pastor Enoch, who has reached millions of people through his Taking Dominion radio and TV programmes, said he realised his number had been hijacked on Sunday. 

“When I called MTN, they said they couldn’t help me,” he said. 

Sophie Kubu of MTN told Daily Sun she was aware of the pastor’s problem and was working sorting it out.

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