WATCH: Chicken panty terror!

FIEND WITH FEATHERS: This chicken with underwear and porcupine quills was seen on the streets of Ebony Park in Midrand . . . and it would not go away. Photo by Noko Mashilo

NO MATTER how they chased the chicken, it wouldn’t go away. It just went from house to house.

The residents agree that the chicken with the double panties is probably a curse.


“I’m 62 years old, but this is the first time in my life I’ve seen a chicken in human underwear,” said gogo Pinky Mlangeni.

The gogo from Ebony Park phase one, Tembisa, in Gauteng was one of the residents who woke up to the sight of the strange chicken in the street.

It was dragging a pair of woman’s panties and some man’s underpants had been tied to its legs.

Porcupine quills were hanging from its neck and black plastic suspected of containing muthi was around its neck.

When residents tried to chase the chicken, it wouldn’t leave, but moved from one gate to the other of houses in the street.

“We don’t know who is being targeted and this makes us even more afraid,” said Pinky.

“Someone is trying to bring bad luck and curses on the community.”

Lerato Poto (30) said they will ask for divine intervention when they hold a joint prayer session for the residents of their community.

“We will pray from the street where the chicken was walking,” said Lerato.

Lindiwe Nene (44) said she wasn’t sure if she should buy live chickens from street vendors again.

“It scared me that the chicken wouldn’t go away even when people were chasing it.”

Symon Ngoma (63) said sometimes people did things like that to a chicken after performing rituals to remove bad luck from an individual who had been seriously ill.

Traditional healer Mahlinzi Dlamini from Vosloorus in Ekurhuleni said the chicken was a curse to all the residents.

He said the chicken could be used by business people to bring value to their business.

“Or it could be used to steal money from residents,” he said.

“People could wake up to find their money gone or they could lose the love of their spouses or have 4-5 problems.”

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