Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter

IF there's one thing that the internet has taught us, is that anyone can become an overnight sensation. 

Pictures of a beautiful woman from the US have gone viral on social media twitter. 

According to Naij.com this woman is 63 years old and has manage to stay looking this young because she looks after herself and is passionate about health and fitness. 

This woman who's name is Bo Talley is a Entertainment Manager and has her own Special Events Company. 

Bo Talley is also a proud mom and wife. 

Look at more pictures of the Sexy gogo: 

#Oldladygoals ???? #BoTalleyWilliamsSaidIt

A photo posted by Bo Talley (@iammsbotalley) on

Know when to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and WALK away. #BoTalleySaidIt

A photo posted by Bo Talley (@iammsbotalley) on

#TBT LAWD TAKE ME BACK TO MIA, ???? That's where I was on this day. I NEED A VACAY. #BoTalleyWilliamsSaidIt

A photo posted by Bo Talley (@iammsbotalley) on

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