Zola Hashatsi says the calling has always been there.
Zola Hashatsi says the calling has always been there.

ACTOR and producer Zola Hashatsi has opened up about his ancestral calling.

Zola, better known as Shakes on’s Rhythm City, has confirmed to Daily Sun that he is a sangoma.

“Yes, I am a sangoma, not ithwasa kodwa igedla. I am here to heal, nothing more, nothing less.”

He said the calling had always been there.

“I think after my great-grandmother died in 2009, she became my ancestor and was always protecting me from evil things.

“I should have listened to the call in 2009 but I did not understand it. I had to jump over hurdles while being on many TV shows.”

Zola said his spiritual journey started last year when he turned 30.

“I started embracing it more and more. I was honestly not surprised. I was always that special kid at home who was into school, home and church. This means I am the son of the highest powers. I still believe in the Lord, but I am a child of the soil.”

When asked how people reacted to news of his calling, he said most were not surprised.

“The majority said they had always known I was different to them. The minority were taken back.

“I’ve learned to be in the moment, to be at peace. I dream more, I see more beyond the flesh and I appreciate our ancestors more.”

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