Trouble in AKA and Bonang's paradise!

Bonang and AKA.
Bonang and AKA.
Lucky Nxumalo

Matheba and AKA called it quits this week – for 48 hours only. Sunday Sun sources claimed the couple said there’s trouble in paradise.

Several sources said Queen B was pissed off at Mega for allegedly posting a picture of himself with Minnie Dlamini and Fikile Mbalula at the ANC’s manifesto launch.

She allegedly got angry as Minnie is her rival and she had asked AKA to avoid her.

The two fuelled the break-up rumours when they deleted each other from their social network pages. Bonang only left one picture of them as a couple with

Mandisa commented on the remaining picture and said: You forgot to delete this photo. 

zish_the_white_tiger asked: Why are you removing AKA? Sad for days. 

These comments seem to have angered Bonang, who responded by blocking most of them.

AKA also took to social media and deleted pictures of himself with Bonang. He also left one picture, taken earlier this year.

A source said the couple is putting up a united front to appear as solid as possible.

“They broke up on Wednesday, but tried to patch things up on Friday,” said the source.

The source claimed the couple would lose a lot if they broke up.

“People will rejoice, especially those who don’t like them.”


The source claimed Bonang gave AKA a last warning.

The source said Bonang got angry when she saw a Snapchat picture of AKA with female celebrities she doesn’t like.

Another source said it wasn’t the first time the two had a fight.

“There was a fight at Zone 6 a while ago about the same female celebs who keep wanting to be seen with AKA,” the source claimed.

The source said Bonang has told AKA she doesn’t like other female celebs using her fame to get more followers.

“It seems he forgot he had been warned,” said the source.

The source added the couple had been getting along on her recent Brazil trip until Da Les’s birthday party.

“The Snapchat queens were at it again,” said the source. A third source said Bonang started deleting pictures of AKA.


“She also told him to fly a kite,” claimed the source. The source said AKA’s been trying hard to win Bonang back.

“I don’t think he thought it’d almost cost him his relationship with Queen B. AKA’s currently on probation.

“They won’t break up, they love each other. Like any other girl, she was pissed off. I’m not sure these two pretty girls are aware of it,” said the source.

Bonang couldn’t be reached for comment, but her PR manager Phumza Nohashe said: “Bonang had an amazing week in Rio, Brazil, shooting an upcoming trip. Her new #CHOOSELOVE

campaign started flighting and her  focus is on her Bonang Matheba Girls Camp.”

AKA and Minnie were not available for comment. They also failed to respond to our SMSes.

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