Lebo M and his fiance Zoe Mthiyane in happier times. 
Photo by 
Chris Moagi
Lebo M and his fiance Zoe Mthiyane in happier times. Photo by Chris Moagi
LEBO M doesn’t believe in ilobolo.
So said Zoe Mthiyane, after being dumped by Lebo – in an email sent to her by his personal assistant.
She told Sunday Sun: “I was ccd in the email that I would be moving out – and I should return the car and engagement ring.”
Last week, a teary Zoe said: “He didn’t pay ilobolo, and used to say he lived in the US and didn’t believe in ilobolo and paying things like inhlawulo (damages).
“I was like a trophy wife to him. I started seeing a different side of Lebo M that I was never comfortable with.”
“He changed from the man I once fell in love with when I was in Australia. He’s a great guy and a good lover, but when he flips he’s a different person.”
She left Robert Marawa in favour of his buddy Lebo.
Zoe says she wasn’t allowed to work and earn a living: “That was perceived as an insult, because Lebo M’s wife doesn’t need to work.
“Lebo’s broken. No one can fix him apart from himself,” she said.
Zoe says she’s responding through the media because she’s not prepared to sit back while her name is being dragged through the mud.
“I’m not bitter, even without his money,” she told the SunTeam.
Lebo M was not available for comment as he is overseas.
But his spokesman, Neo Mothlala, responded: “Lebo M believes Zoe’s intimations about no ilobolo payments is a disingenuous decoy that makes light of important cultural protocols.
“Although custom requires a woman’s family to approach the man’s family to announce a pregnancy out of wedlock – her family has failed to approach the Morake family, despite a very public pregnancy and engagement.
“Instead, Zoe has actively prevented contact being made with her family regarding their baby. In their better days Zoe introduced Lebo to only one uncle.
“Talking publicly about his relationships and his marital status is no child’s play or a publicity stunt. It’s serious business to protect himself, his children and his estate. He’s pragmatic and tries to apply a pre-nuptial agreement whenever he marries.
“Following his proposal for a
pre-nuptial agreement, the relationship with Zoe changed in a negative direction.
“Various attempts to repair and rebuild the relationship failed, including the idea of a cooling-off separation – which Zoe rejected.
“A roller-coaster period of fights and disagreements caused hurt to both parties – ultimately leading to the break-up.
“Approaching the bride’s family to make a marriage proposal was thus redundant.”
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