Cici says she may never have children again. Photo: Instagram
Cici says she may never have children again. Photo: Instagram

RnB singer, Busisiwe Twala, better known as Cici, has opened up about the alleged domestic abuse she was subjected to, whilst dating Kwaito music legend, Arthur Mafokate.

Cici recalled two horrific incidents of the abuse she endured at the hands of Arthur, the first allegedly left her bleeding from her vagina, and the second, which caused a public media stir, left her with broken pelvic bones.

Cici spoke to the Sunday World about the ordeal and everything that has happened since leaving Arthur.

The singer told the publication that she and Arthur started getting close around April 2016, when he would confide in her about the issues he was having with his previous girlfriend, Kwaito sensation, Chomee.

As with all new relationships, everything seemed to be going well in the beginning, to a point where Cici moved in with Arthur while looking for her own place to live.

Cici had just ended her relationship with her ex-fiancé.

But things soon took a turn for the worst.

The first physical altercation between the two stars started over Arthur’s obsession with his phone.

"We were sitting at home and I asked him to give me his phone as I was suspicious of the way he was interacting with it. He refused and we got into an altercation which led to him choking me and dragging me out of the bedroom.

"As we approached the staircase I kicked against the railing of the staircase to try and free myself. We then tumbled down the stairs and when he got up; he choked me again and dragged me into the guest room.

"The only time he stopped choking me was when I started bleeding from my private part. I was feeling very weak at the time. He went out and just left me there on the floor," Cici told the publication.

Cici then moved out of their home but the couple soon rekindled their romance.

She also alleged that he continued to abuse her after they got together and that they would constantly fight over money and that he was possessive.

Cici says the alleged car-dragging incident was the last straw.

"He tried to pick me up but I told him to stop because I was hurt. I asked him to give me his cellphone so I could call my mom but he refused. 

“After a few minutes the police arrived and his workers, Brian and another guy, arrived and took me to hospital because the ambulance they organised took too long to arrive," she told the Sunday World.

"He came to see me two days after I was admitted and threatened to kill himself. He said his enemies would laugh at him about what happened. 

“I asked him if that was his main concern when I was in hospital with unbearable pain. I told him not to kill himself because he has kids to raise.

"I told him to leave and never visit me in hospital again as I wanted nothing to do with him," she continued.

Cici says that her doctors have now told her that she may never have children.

"He said during pregnancy the child sits on the pelvic bones and because mine were broken and had screws in them, I may never be able to have children."

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