AKA says sorry for not giving credit where it’s due. Photo by Jabulani Langa
AKA says sorry for not giving credit where it’s due. Photo by Jabulani Langa

DID AKA break the number one copyright rule. . . not giving credit where it is due?

The composer is demanding the rapper acknowledge him!

According to Enos Lubisi, one of two surviving members of ‘80s group Future, AKA’s One Time sampled the band’s song titled Party Weekend.

“All I want is to be credited for my work,” said the 66-year-old composer.

Lubisi said he wrote the song in 1984 after the band finished touring Gaborone in Botswana.

He said he recently heard AKA’s song while on his way to Kalawa Jazmee Records.

“I was upset because someone was using the song I composed without my permission.”

Daily Sun spoke to AKA, who acknowledged he sampled the band’s song. He said: “It is not that I didn’t want to credit the band. I just couldn’t get in contact with them.

“I have repeatedly said I’m willing to apologise and give credit where it’s due.”

An employee from Sony said when an artist samples a song, that song should be included in the artist’s album credits.

“The artist with the credited song will get a certain percentage of royalties, depending on what both parties have agreed on,” said the employee.

Enos said he loved what AKA had done with One Time.

“I like the way he sings. His song reminds me of the music made in the ‘80s. I am pretty impressed with him.

“But next time he must give credit where it is due.”

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