Sushi king: I bonked them!

Kenny Kunene. Photo by Lucky Nxumalo
Sophie Ndaba
Zama Ngcobo

THE Sushi King has bedded many women.

And he never talked about his love life...


Kenny Kunene opened his heart to the SunTeam as he spoke about a book he will publish in December.

He said: “I have dated more celebs than it takes to fill a

Quantum. But two of these women gave me the greatest regrets of my life!”

Shaking his head sadly, the Sushi King said: “My two biggest mistakes were former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba and radio personality Zama Ngcobo!”

The former politician, club DJ and businessman, told the press he regrets dating the two beauties – and refused to go into details.

But that’s only until his book comes out!

He was quoted as saying: “I can’t believe I dated Sophie Ndaba. I just can’t believe that. It was a very tight

relationship. I don’t want to go into the serious stuff. That’s one of my biggest regrets.”

Last week, in an interview with the People’s Paper,

Kenny was pressed to confirm what he had said.

His response was: “Yes, I wasn’t quoted out of context. I do regret dating Sophie and Zama Ngcobo. They’re both similar in certain instances.

“Both of them have done bad things – specific things – and they know it. But I’ve forgiven them.”

Then the Sushi King went on: “I’m not at liberty to say anything now, but all will be revealed in my tell-all book which will be in the shops at the end of the year.

“I’m still friends with Sophie and talk to her when I need something. But I’ve only seen Zama once since our time together.”

Sunday Sun has learnt that Kenny dated the two nyatsis while he was still married to his wife Mathato. Their divorce was finalised in 2012.

Sophie was married to Bishop Keith Harrington in 2011, but they split after five months, in 2012.

Zama was romantically linked to a top ANC NEC member who is known to the People’s Paper.

Asked how he felt about the successful ladies, Kenny said: “I’m not jealous. They became different creatures. My reasons will come out in the book. They stood out in a bad way – which I’ll regret for the rest of my life.”

Sophie and Kenny had a short time together, almost a “Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma’am!” encounter. She didn’t want to be seen in public with Kenny. Both denied the affair in public. The hot affair with Zama was a well-kept secret in Celebville, until Kenny blew the whistle on her to Sunday Sun last week. An industry mole claimed Kenny may be using the sexy celeb gossip to sell his book.

“He’s using the Sophie Ndaba affair to build up his fading reputation. He simply doesn’t know which straw to clutch. The man is running out of options!”

But another socialite said: “It’s a fact. He did bonk them, and now he’s going to air all the dirty linen. This is going to be a tell-all book – just like those by Hansie Cronje and Khanyi Mbau.”

On Friday an irritated Zama said: “I don’t want to entertain him or comment on his remarks.”

A calm and collected Sophie said: “I don’t want to open up a dialogue, because it’s simple-the guy is trying to sell his book by tarnishing my name. I’m disappointed that a guy I respected would stoop so low. Kenny is on the edge of his last branch – for him now it’s a make or break situation.”

When Sunday Sun went back to Kenny and told him the two women are saying he’s trying to sell his book at their expense, he said: “Ask them whether it’s not the truth that we used to bonk? It’s a fact we used to date and bonk.”

)  Sunday Sun has learnt that Kenny’s business partner, Gayton Mckenzie, is launching his latest book, Trapped in Sandton, on 20 June.

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