‘Nomzamo and Jessica split over Khaya’

Nomzamo Mbatha is left fuming after her friend allegedly took her lover. Photo by Gallo Images
Actress Jessica Nkosi doesn’t want to say much about Khaya. Photo by Gallo Images

ISIBAYA actresses Jessica Nkosi and Nomzamo Mbatha have been best buddies on and off screen.

But Sunday Sun can today reveal that the two hottest actresses in Mzansi have turned into sworn enemies!

According to close friends of Nomzamo and Jessica, their recent hatred started because of a man.

The People’s Paper has heard allegations that Jessica played it cleverly, and snatched Nomzamo’s fiance, talented Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa, eight months after their break-up.

Even though Nomzamo is said to be very close to hunky model Maps Maponyane, she nearly collapsed when she found out her BFF had moved on with her former lover.

This caused the split, said a source who claimed that Nomzamo was shocked to find sexy messages on Khaya’s iPhone.

She also discovered emails from Jessica, declaring her undying love for Khaya.

Another source said Nomzamo contained herself and played stupid so that she could collect more evidence of the double betrayal.

The source alleged the last straw came when Jessica sent Khaya a passionate SMS which clearly showed there was hanky-panky going on between the two people she trusted most in the world.

“Nomzamo couldn’t hold herself back any more. She lost her cool and sent emails to the lovers to tell them their secret was out.

“On 28 December, Nomzamo told both of them she knew all about their affair. And she added they could carry on – with her blessings,” the source said.

Another source added that two days later the former best friends were supposed to MC a gig in Durban.

“Jessica apparently arrived tipsy and couldn’t face Nomzamo. Things were awkward and Nomzamo decided to ignore her. Because Jessica had ‘guilty’ written all over her face,” said the eyewitness.

This showbiz source claimed: “Things are going to be awkward now that Nomzamo has gone back to Isibaya.”

A showbiz insider alleged that Nomzamo told friends, including actress Terry Pheto, about the cruel betrayal – and these ladies have taken Nomzamo’s side.

“Jessica is now an outcast. All of Nomzamo’s friends have turned against the man snatcher. It’s no longer about friendship, it’s about winning at all costs,” said the source.

Sunday Sun has learnt that Nomzamo refuses to return the diamond engagement ring and lobola.

A remorseful Khaya confirmed the relationship with Jessica but denied he cheated on Nomzamo.

“I’ve never cheated on Nomzamo. I’m puzzled that she still has access to my emails and contacts.”

Asked if he’s in love with Jessica, he said: “My relationship with Jessica only started eight months after I broke up with Nomzamo. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone but we get along very well. I don’t have any type of relationship with Nomzamo.”

This week, Jessica said she’s in touch with Khaya but refused to shed more light.

Yesterday Nomzamo said: “I can’t comment on the story. I’m mourning my sister’s death. But I can confirm that I’m no longer in contact with both of them.”

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