Zodwa and her Ben 10
Zodwa and her Ben 10

ZODWA Wabantu wants her Ben10 back. She said Vusi Buthelezi is avoiding her without any explanation.

The entertainer told Daily Sun that she is still begging her sweetheart to tell her what is going on, why he is distancing himself.

This is because he has been avoiding her since her house was broken into last month.

She said she cannot accept that things are over between them. Zodwa said she does not normally begs, but she just feels that this love is worth begging for.

“He did not tell me that it is over, but he is avoiding me that is why I even posted on social media that it is over between us. He is not talking to me, he does not take my calls,” said Zodwa, whose real name is Zodwa Libram.


She said after she took her frustrations to Instagram, Vusi called her on Wednesday, asking why she posted.

“I told him that I posted because of the pressure. I have been getting questions and people are asking me to explain as to what is going on. I just told them it is over, because really I don’t know what’s going on. I’m famous and I don’t hide my affairs. He should at least give me something so that I will know where I stand,” said Zodwa.

She said that she knows that there is no other woman in Vusi’s life, and she does not suspect that he has something to do with her house breaking.

“When I am in a relationship with a person, I make sure that he loves me alone. It is not that I am controlling but I tell him exactly what I want and what I do. That is why I decide to stay with them. I am a very open person and when I love, I love too much. After the break in, I stayed with Vusi for 8 days and then he moved back home because of the lockdown. That was when I last spoke to him before he called me on Wednesday,” said Zodwa.

She said it could happen that Vusi was stressed by the break in and could not deal with the trauma.

Zodwa said if Vusi decides to leave her, she will not start the new relationship immediately.

“I will just wait and try to find myself. And then I will decide whether I stop dating Ben10s and go for older men. But for now, I want my man back."

Vusi told Daily Sun that he is not willing to talk about his relationship with Zodwa.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Please talk to her,” said Vusi.
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