Former uKhoziFM Dj Ngizwe Mchunu was arrested.
Former uKhoziFM Dj Ngizwe Mchunu was arrested.

FORMER Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu has been bust!

This was after he handed himself over to the Durban Central police station on Monday, 19 July.

KZN police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele said Ngizwe was arrested by the Hawks.

On Saturday, 17 July, Ngizwe posted on social media that he would hand himself over to the cops as he was allegedly labelled as one of the instigators of the unrest that followed the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma.

Today, there was a huge number of journalists outside the KZN police headquarters, who had come to witness Ngizwe handing himself over. Ngizwe was then seen walking out of the offices in handcuffs.

Ngizwe has an online radio station and most of his episodes are aired on his Facebook page.

The page confirmed his arrest, saying: “On behalf of Ngizwe online team, I can confirm our leader Ngizwe Mchunu has been arrested.”


Mchunu has been using Ziyakala line in his “state of the nation address” speeches on his social media platforms, expressing his feelings about how unfair former president Jacob Zuma’s sentencing was..

Last Thursday Mchunu announced on Facebook page Ngizwe Online that he was going to hand himself over to the police on Monday, 19 July. But on his WhatsApp statuses, he was certain the police would turn him back home a short while later.

Before he made this announcement, he revealed that cops were looking for him for allegedly mobilising people to gather in Joburg on Sunday, 11 July, where he delivered a speech against Zuma’s arrest.

During that address, Mchunu even gave government an ultimatum of three days to release the former president.

When Daily Sun spoke to him on Thursday, Mchunu insisted that he was going to continue fighting for Zuma’s release. Following Zuma’s arrest,

Ngizwe took to social media to encourage people to support him. He even went to Joburg, where he had a media briefing asking South Africans to stop folding hands.


Soon after that, there were protests with people looting shops. In another briefing, Ngizwe said police were harassing him, claiming he had instigated the looting.

He said he had not told anyone to loot.

He was adamant that even though he was fully aware the police wanted to arrest him, that was not going to happen.

Social media users commented on the post, saying his arrest was not fair

Sibusiso Mthembu wrote: “We are slowly going back to the apartheid system here. The right to freedom of expression gets taken away from you the minute you speak against the “Thuma Mina brigade”.

Sakhile Dlamuka said: “Painful. He was trying to help his neighbour get out of jail, not that looting shops was his idea.”

Nqobile Nyandeni wrote: “When are they arresting corrupted politicians looting up there? We were never free.”

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