Khaya Dladla says he missed bringing GC back to life.    Photo from    Instagram
Khaya Dladla says he missed bringing GC back to life. Photo from Instagram

ACTOR Khaya Dladla, who plays GC on SABC1’s popular soapie Uzalo, is excited about his comeback.

The talented actor will make his debut next month.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Khaya said: “It’s been a long time coming. I was really excited when I was called to come back to the show.

“It’s a bonus that I’m coming back with one of my good friends Nocxy Mabika, who plays Thobile. I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store for them,” he said.

“But it saddens me that some of the people I adore on the show and would have loved to work with are leaving.”

Khaya said he missed playing his character.

“GC is one of the characters that never left me because everywhere I went, I was reminded of him and how I played him well,” he said.

“I missed bringing him to life and adding my own flavour.

“One of the reasons that made me jump on the opportunity to revive GC was because I was exhausted of being asked why I left the show. I didn’t leave on my own will. It was due to the storyline. I’m happy that people will get answers to their questions.”


The actor said his return would have viewers at the edge of their seats.

“As GC is making a grand comeback, people can expect a lot of drama. It is going to be extreme, animated and elevated. The wardrobe took it to another level,” he said.

“He is going to return with Thobile from the City of Gold, and people will see how fake they are.

“I pray that our scenes are received well by viewers because they are going to shock them,” he said.

Uzalo producer Mmamitse Thibedi spoke about why they decided to bring the old cast members.

“We’ve always wanted to bring them back. We were just waiting for the right moment. With Thandeka’s exit, this was the perfect opportunity.

“Shooting with the likes of GC and TK has been amazing. We have missed them on set and the life they bring to the story,” she said.

“Though they are not back permanently, we are considering for their characters to live for the whole season.”

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