TV role is a juggling act

Wavhudi Lidzhegy says playing Vhutshilo on Muvhango has been challenging, but fun at the same time.
Wavhudi Lidzhegy says playing Vhutshilo on Muvhango has been challenging, but fun at the same time.

JUGGLING his real life and TV character has been a lot of work for Muvhango actor, Wavhudi Lidzhegu.

The 22-year-old, who plays the rude and disrespectful Vhutshilo on the SABC2 soapie, said he is the polar opposite of his character in real life.

Vhutshilo, who’s one of the viewers’ favourite actors on the show, was dating an older woman, Gugu (played by Bukamina Cebekhulu) who left him for his dad, Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani).

Wavhudi from Thohoyandou in Venda, Limpopo spoke to SunBuzz about paying Vhutshilo.

“Playing Vhutshilo has been difficult. He is a spoilt young man with no morals, respect, and no boundaries.

“Me, on the other side, I’m humble, respectful and I come from a Christian background. I’d never talk back to elders like he does and I don’t date older women,” said Wavhudi.

“I’ve had to defend myself a lot to people because they think that’s the real me. I had to especially defend myself to my family.”


Wavhudi started acting on Muvhango when he was 16 years old and it was his first acting gig.

“I auditioned for the show when I was in grade 12 and they loved my audition. Before then, I had never done any acting. I fell in love with acting after I read John Kani’s books.

“A few months after that, I heard that Muvhango would be holding auditions in Thohoyandou,” he said.

“I went to the audition and got a call back. I was very excited when they told me they’d call me for a second audition. I went for a call back, fortunately, I didn’t audition again. They just took me. I then moved to Joburg to start working on the show and for school. I studied mechanical engineering at Central Johannesburg College.”

Wavhudi also opened up about playing a child and then an adult on the soapie.

“There was no pressure playing a child.

“I then started to attend some workshops and got some knowledge and got equipped,” he said.

“I’m enjoying playing an adult because I’m getting more challenges and I’m growing as an actor.”

Wavhudi said viewers can expect to see Vhutshilo getting his life together in the coming months.

Catch Muvhango on SABC2 weekdays at 9pm.

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