Lasizwe Dambuza has been trolled about funds he was collecting early this year for students.     Photo from       Instagram
Lasizwe Dambuza has been trolled about funds he was collecting early this year for students. Photo from Instagram

COMEDIAN and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza has found himself on the receiving end of internet trolls who wanted him to account for the R2 million he raised.

In March, the 23-year-old started an initiative called #10GoesALongWay, where he and his friends Sibu Mabena, Ayanda “KingAya” Mhlongo and Takkies Dinwiddy, asked for donations to help students register at tertiary institutions.

They collected R2 million in seven days and everyone sang their praises.

But at the weekend starting on Friday, 20 August, a Twitter user asked Lasizwe where the money went, with some students then taking to Twitter claiming they were allegedly promised money but didn’t receive them.

Lasizwe, Sibu, KingAya and Takkies said the money was no longer with them, but with an education finance company called Fundi.

Lasizwe told Daily Sun: “Usually, I’d be upset about the backlash and worry about what people are saying but this time around, I thought let them be.

“They don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Some companies that pledged to the initiative had to get tax clearances and it’s been a long process. Fundi has its own protocols it needs to adhere to.”


Lasizwe said Fundi needed to tell people what was happening.

Sibu, King Aya and Takkies also said they were looking forward to working on the project again to fund students next year.

“This was our first time doing something like this and we’re glad we could help some people,” Sibu told the People’s Paper.

Takkies said: “I’m so happy we got to support 106 students with their registration fees this year as a result of South Africa’s generosity.”

FundiFund said it has and continues to administer the recruitment, auditing and disbursement of the funds.

“We have provided updates on this project and will continue to do so as the project is still in process, due to the selected phased approach of receiving and disbursing the funds.

“A total of R2 192 462,58 was pledged. Of the pledged amount, R 1 072 462,58 was actually received from the pledged funds.

“The fulfilment of pledges are underway. Payment of outstanding pledges are in progress, and 17 000 applications were received, 166 students were drawn to get their fees funded in the first draw session.

“A total of R530 032 of the received pledged funds were disbursed and successfully paid to the selected students who were publicly drawn and verified by our auditors.

“We are in the process of reviewing practical options for the disbursement of the balance of the paid up pledges, equal to R542 430,58,” said FundiFund.

“The entire process has been audited, from application to the draw and payment to students.

“This is a continuous process for subsequent draws and disbursements.

“Lasizwe and team paid all the pledged funds they received, over to FundiFund and all future pledged funds received will directly go to FundiFund.

“All the selected and verified students have received their registration fees.

“These fees were paid directly into their student accounts with their relevant tertiary institution,” said FundiFund.

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