Njabulo and Andile’s relationship on The River has stood the test of time.
Njabulo and Andile’s relationship on The River has stood the test of time.

Indeed, the phrase “love conquers all” might just be true.

On The River, viewers saw a happy ending after many trials and tribulations in Njabulo and Andile’s relationship.

This included Njabulo cheating on Andile, leading him to a drinking spree as he could not believe what he did.

Their relationship stood the test of time when they finally got married in a beautiful traditional wedding.

This is the first time a TV show in Mzansi has had a traditional “gay wedding”, and we need to applaud it for continuing to break boundaries through the exciting storyline.

The recent episodes leading to the wedding taught many people about relationships between gay men, as well as love within our traditional customs.


They learnt that sometimes compromise needs to come into play as we live in different times where everyone is allowed to love who they want.

Culture needs to adapt – as the two families were willing to put their traditional ways aside and let the couple have the wedding of their dreams.

On Skeem Saam, Meikie Maputla’s fate has been sealed. She must pay for her sins after her lawyer failed to save her from going to jail.

But does this mean justice has been served for the Seakamelas, whose lives were threatened when Meikie had a mental breakdown, or will she appeal the sentence?

On Gomora, Mazet’s life has turned for the worst after she was shot.

Doctors have told her she might never be able to walk again.

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