DJ Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe was being laid to rest today. Photo from Instagram
DJ Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe was being laid to rest today. Photo from Instagram

DJ Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe was being laid to rest today, 14 August.

Speaker after speaker described the 23-year-old as someone who was full of life and touched many hearts.

His high school friends said Khanya, who was raised by his grandparents, loved music and was a great basketball player.

They said they’ll always remember him for his bubbly personality as well as that he was always the go-to person in terms of music and equipment.

While Nolifa Majozi, who worked closely with Khanya in the music industry, said that it’s sad that Khanya’s life was cut short, but his spirit will forever live on.

“I motivate everyone here to carry on that baton as he was amazing, respectful and always willing to take everyone in. Basically, he was selfless,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the family, his grandfather said Khanya reminded him of his late daughter who was an actress.

“Thank you for everyone who has supported us in this difficult time in our lives. We’re thankful to hear that his life has impacted greatly on you and that you will carry on the baton on the legacy that he has left behind,” he said.


His uncle, Karabo Hadebe, could not hold back his tears.

He asked his friends and industry colleagues not to let his passing be in vain.

MTV Base VJ and social media sensation Uncle Vinny, who was representing Khanya’s industry friends, said he didn’t know how to describe the pain they felt.

“It’s very unbearable to think about all the dreams and the ideas you had and were about to launch to change the game. Personally, you taught me to be very confident and never allow anyone to bring me down. I remember my first gig. You were so proud of me. You told me it was only the start and indeed, it was the start,” said the emotional 19-year-old.

A video clip of his journey in music was played.

In clip, The Voice can be heard telling people to appreciate their lives and show gratitude at all times.

Meanwhile, on Friday 13 August the streets of Braamfontein, Joburg, were packed with fans who were still reeling in shock following the passing of the talented youngster who died in a tragic accident in North West earlier this week.

Others who lost their lives include amapiano sensation Killer Kau, Mpura as well as Thando Tot and TD.

Following the tragic accident, Road Traffic Management said: “Major crash occurred on Saturday 7 August 2021 at 21:30 on the N4. It is alleged that the Merc Benz (with 5 occupants) overtook another vehicle when it was unsafe to do so and collided head on with the Corsa. As a result, 5 persons were killed.”

Following the news of the accident, tributes poured in for the late stars from the likes of DJ Lady Du, Mr JazziQ, Riky Rick and DJ Sbu.

Here’s a gallery of fans bidding farwell to Khanya Hadebe:

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