Slik Talk and Cassper Nyovest are set to fight.
Slik Talk and Cassper Nyovest are set to fight.

SLIK Talk has accepted Cassper Nyovest’s challenge to a boxing match.

The controversial YouTuber known for speaking ill about local celebrities recently spoke about Cassper, saying his music was trash and he didn’t deserve to be nominated for Artist of The Decade at the South African Hip Hop Awards. He also said his TV show The Braai Show with Cassper Nyovest was bad.

After feuding via social media for days, Cassper sent out a tweet on Sunday, 21 November saying he’d like to see Slik in person and possibly get into a boxing ring with him for three rounds.

He also gave him a timeline to accept the offer.

“I would love to see Slik Talk in person, preferably in the ring. Tell him I got R100k for him cash, win or lose.


“All he has to do is survive three rounds, three minutes with me. He got balls to talk on camera, let’s see if he will man up and come get this money. Offer stands till January.”

Slik released a video and accepted Cassper’s offer.

He said he was ready any day and he knows he’ll win.

“So I’ve just been challenged by Casssper Nyovest to a boxing match. Three rounds, three minutes, a R100 000. Everybody around me saying ‘don’t do it’, they say ‘you’ve never boxed in your life’, they say ‘you’ve never been in a ring’, but if there’s one thing I’m not, I’m not a punk. So, I say I accept, let’s go. I am 100% ready. I can box next week, I can box tomorrow, I can box in five minutes, I don’t care. I am ready,” he said.

On Sunday night, Cassper said the fight was coming soon.

“#MufasaVsSlikTalk boxing match coming to you soon. 100k on the line for Slik Talk. Time for some entertainment!!! Lemme go play some Fifa so long. Have a nice evening,” he tweeted.

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