Shoki Mmola's bikini pics broke the internet.
Shoki Mmola's bikini pics broke the internet.

SKEEM Saam’s MaKunutu has left Mzansi shocked as she captures herself in her small number at a petrol station.

The 44-year-old Shoki Mmola, who plays Celia Kunutu on the SABC1 soapie, was wearing her bikini at a petrol station and people were wondering if this is the same strict MaKunutu from the show.

Some are proud of her for showing off her confidence and body, some even said they’re inspired by her.

“I don’t care what anyone says about Shoki. She’s proud of her body and age doesn’t mean anything. She’s got a beautiful body,” Sindiswa Sibeko tweeted.

Thina Mbele said seeing people compare Shoki’s body to Unathi infuriates her.


“People are built differently and I don’t understand why people are comparing bodies. Social media is the reason why people are afraid of sharing pictures of themselves in bikinis, it’s annoying,” Sizakele tweeted.

Some were questioning why the star was walking into a petrol station wearing a bikini, they called it “weird”.

Others were fuming, saying this is public indecency and has got nothing to do with having fun.

“But this is public indecency. She’s in a petrol station and not at the beach or by the pool. We cannot be justifying it by saying “she’s confident/having fun”. There are so many ways for one to show how confident they are in their skin. Please,” Mark tweeted.

Daily Sun tried to speak to Shoki, but she wasn’t interested to comment

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