Singer and songwriter Pilani Bubu.
Singer and songwriter Pilani Bubu.

Singer and songwriter Pilani Bubu is excited about her SAMA nomination.

The talented songstress has been nominated for the Best Contemporary Album at this year's awards, which kicked off last night with an explosive episode.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she said: "This nomination tells me that the vision I have for this project and album series is indeed realising. It is an acknowledgement of the work and what I seek to do.

"Win or lose it doesn't matter, continue breathing life into my vision as well continue to encourage others to celebrate, preserve, cherish and share African Folklore and storytelling through the technology of music."


Pilani, who is well traveled, also told told us more about her album Folklore Chapter 1, which she is nominated for.

"In the places that I traveled, audiences cherished my place of origin and wanted to know more and hear more of the sounds of my people.

"In response I curated a repertoire of traditional folk music that I interpreted and shared stories around."

"The concept started with a vocal acapella demo and soon I taught my band the music and stretched it for different instrumentation," she said.

She further explained the title of the album: "Folklore - the title comes from the definition of folklore: which are the sayings, traditions, culture, proverbs, tales, music of a group of people passed down through generations by word of mouth."

Pilani also told the People's Paper that the reception of the album has been amazing from the public.

"When people heard my songs, they were excited about this fusion of traditional folk music, with jazzed up funk sounds."

"For them it was refreshing and I guess they picked up on the Zulu Mbaqanga Funk within the acoustic soul setting," she said.

She also shared with the SunTeam that since her break in the music scene, she has learnt about the power of the returns when one invests in themselves.

"If you wait for people to see you and help you with your own vision, you may never arrive at your destiny moments."

"Destiny’s path is mine to walk and it is also equally my responsibility to fulfil it by up-skilling, empowering and investing in myself.

"In my career, I have had to be the artist, the creative director, the designer, the manager, the promoter, the funder, the label and the publisher all in one."

"It has tough learning build up my own capacity, sometimes making mistakes, failing, feeling resentful and all those things that come with navigating the music industry" she said.

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