Khuzani KING Ndlamlenze Mpungose causes problems at Ukhozi FM
Khuzani KING Ndlamlenze Mpungose causes problems at Ukhozi FM

AGAIN, Ukhozi presenters Khathide Ngobe and Zimiphi Biyela have angered maskandi listeners.

During their Saturday show Tshathugodo and Zim Dollar, as they’re commonly known, played a song from Khuzani’s new album, Isipoki Esingafi.

Fans complained that the album was released on Friday yet it was already being played on radio.

They wanted to know why Khuzani’s song was played within hours of its release, whereas other artists’ songs take months to be played.

“Were these fans expecting us to play a particular song? No, it doesn’t work like that. We’re not here to make artists popular,” said Zim Dollar.

Tshatha said they weren’t responsible for the playlist or submission of music.


“In fact, those questions are being directed at the wrong people,” he said.

“Maskandi fans must understand that artists are played on radio according to their popularity.

“If you’re unpopular, you can’t expect to get first preference. The same principle applies to the Comrades Marathon.

“Those with big names always get first preference, and those who’re not known lag behind.”

The hosts’ responses angered the fans.

Mnikaziwempuphu Felemntwini Mampinga idadalamazi wrote: “Tshatha, your response was wrong. You can’t compare the Comrades Marathon to the show you’re presenting.

“The listener was merely complaining that artists have to wait for more than six weeks for their music to be played, whereas others wait for a four days.

“Actually, the question wasn’t about the process of submitting music but about fairness on how the music is playlisted. I’ve always thought Ukhozi FM treats all artists and listeners equally.

“Instead of mocking and belittling us, you should have called someone to come and explain the process of music submission.”

Thulani Mabaso wrote: “I trusted this radio station but not after this. They’re killing our artists.”

Seluleko Taison said: “These presenters are killing music. They’ve made their favouritism clear.”

SABC spokewoman Mmoni Seapolelo said: “Ukhozi FM can confirm that the song in question hasn’t been received by its music office and has therefore not been playlisted nor enjoyed any spin(s).

“The presenter of Sigiya Ngengoma, Tshatha, did sing the chorus of the song as part of his link. This is what we call ‘umvumo’, and there is nowhere in our music policy where this is prohibited.”

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