Khuzani Mpungose has apologised to the Shembe church.        Photo by Jabulani Langa
Khuzani Mpungose has apologised to the Shembe church. Photo by Jabulani Langa

NAZARETH Baptist Church (Shembe) has warned members to stop singing Khuzani Mpungose’s song in their temples.

This after a video of Shembe congregants singing the song Ijele went viral on social media.

The incident happened at a Shembe temple in Mtubatuba, KZN.

In a leaked video, eBuhleni’s Revered Mthandeni Ntombela could be heard lashing out at congregants, accused them of breaking church rules.

“I’ve received many calls from people reporting that some members sang Khuzani’s song in the holy temple.

“Other songs are not allowed in temples and it’s written in our hymns book that we don’t add any.

“Stop starting war with God by breaking rules because we’ll all pay for your sins. If someone is singing Ijele, they must go to that prison.”


Shembe members only sing hymns written by founder Inkosi Isaiah Shembe in their temples.

Church spokesman Thokozani Mncwabe told Daily Sun it was a big mistake to sing any other song besides church hymns in the temples.

“We have 242 hymns and are surprised members did what they did.

“It’s possible that it was new members who don’t understand the rules. They’re warned. Action will be taken against those who continue,” he said.

Khuzani apologised to the church.

“Many members love me because they know I’m also a church member.

“I hope they listen. Church rules should be followed and respected.”

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