Umhlobo Wenene presenter Putco Mafani dancing on top of a studio table.
Umhlobo Wenene presenter Putco Mafani dancing on top of a studio table.

BACK in the day, no one in the Premier Soccer League could match his kwasa kwasa moves.

But his attempt to popularise his dance moves has now landed Putco Mafani in hot water. His bosses at Umhlobo Wenene FM saw red after a video of him turning SABC furniture into a stage went viral.

They immediately placed him on suspension until 28 January.

However, the former Kaizer Chiefs player was quick to apologise.


Speaking to Daily Sun on Monday 24 January, he said he was just innocently responding to the public’s enthusiasm to the song, Nkao Tempela. In a written apology he forwarded to the SunTeam, Putco wrote: “I’m sorry for allowing myself to be swept by the exciting wave of the Tempa Danceat work. My actions were careless and overlooked a few important safety regulations. Through this experience, I’ve been exposed to many aspects of my job and its responsibilities which I might have taken lightly before.

“I know I could have handled my excitement about that song differently. A sincere word of apology goes to the management and my colleagues for letting them down.”

SABC’s group executive for corporate affairs and marketing Gugu Ntuli said: “The SABC can confirm Mr Putco Mafani has been unscheduled on Umhlobo Wenene FM. As a matter of principle, the corporation does not discuss HR matters relating to its independent contractors in public.”

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