Reece’s pics spread panic

Picture of a wrecked tour minibus was posted on social media.
Picture of a wrecked tour minibus was posted on social media.

AMAPIANO fans were horrified after rumours spread on social media on Sunday, 7 November that two more stars had died in a car crash.

Photos of a wrecked minibus went viral and it was claimed that well-known vocalists Reece Madlisa and Sabelo Zuma were in the vehicle.

However, fans can now breathe easily as their manager Archie “Dada” Basile confirmed to Daily Sun that the pair was alive and well.

The trouble started when a picture of the accident was posted to Reece’s Instagram account.

Soon, worried fans started sharing it, speculating that he had been in a similar crash to the one that killed Killer Kau and Mpura in the North West in August. Fan Thobile Mametja wrote: “It was Mpura and Killer Kau and now it’s Zuma and Reece. Madlisa yhoo.”


Obrian Makwela asked: “It can’t be true. Madlisa and Zuma survived the alleged car accident, right guys?”, while Onalerona RSA wrote: “Hayii hayii reece and zuma were involved in a car accident??! This better be fake news.”

Basile told the People’s Paper Reece and Zuma were fine

“Our bus was in an accident, not us. The driver was in the car alone but he’s not hurt. Reece and Zuma were not in the car. He was leaving his house to come and fetch us when the accident happened,” he said. “I understand people were worried but we are all fine. No one was hurt.”

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