Rappers, Musiholiq, Big Zulu, Zakwe with other artists on set during a music video shoot. Photo from Instagram
Rappers, Musiholiq, Big Zulu, Zakwe with other artists on set during a music video shoot. Photo from Instagram

WHAT WAS supposed to be a fun day filled with music and dancing ended with bullets flying. And two residents were shot at. 

The incident happened in Westbury in Joburg on Friday when five of Mzansi’s rappers were filming a music video. Siyabonga “Big Zulu” Nene, Senzo “Kwesta” Vilakazi, Ntokozo Zakwe, Michael “Stilo Magolide” Chirwa and Riyadh “YoungstaCPT” Roberts were shooting a video for Big Zulu’s hit song, AmaMillion. 

The rappers told Daily Sun things took a nasty turn when they flashed some money as part of the shoot. Some people allegedly grabbed the money and ran away. When the crew chased after them and demanded the money back, they were allegedly threatened with knives.

Big Zulu told the People’s Paper this was not the first location they had been to. 

“We went to various locations around Jozi and this didn’t happen. “We needed to add a coloured community, and that’s when we went to Westbury.” When the crew was done shooting the video, some people apparently tried to rob them.

Said Big Zulu: “I got into Kwesta’s kombi and my friend General went to his BMW gusheshe. “When he was inside the car, someone pretended to be talking to him while his intention was to distract him. “Another person opened the back door and took out a bag with a laptop and a trouser with money. 

“General got out of the car and fired two gunshots in the air. When people ran away, the person who took his things stopped and brought them back.” Big Zulu said their cars were then stoned. “We narrowly escaped death. We were all shaking. We thank God we came out of that alive and not injured,” he said. 

Zakwe said he and Youngsta CPT left early as they had to catch flights to Durban and Cape Town, respectively. “As we were leaving we heard gunshots but didn’t know what was happening. We left so we won’t miss our flights,” he said. 

Asked about the robbery, he said the rappers were threatened with knives when people saw the money. Kwesta said he was in his car when the shots were fired. “I really can’t tell what led to the gunfire, but people went crazy when they saw the money,” he said. 

General Buthelezi, who fired the gun, told Daily Sun he did so as they were cornered and would have been injured. “But I didn’t shoot at anyone because I know gun rules. I shot in the air and, as far as I know, no one was hurt,” said General. 

However, Westbury residents denied that the rappers were robbed. “I was shot in the arm,” said Yaseen Kajl (35). He said the rappers started leaving one by one and the last one decided to shoot randomly. “We ran for our lives. We didn’t understand why he was firing. A bullet hit me while I was running,” he said. 

“The rappers left. Why didn’t they wait for the cops to give their statements if they claim they were being robbed? They’re trying to hide what they did.” He said they wanted them to face the consequences of their actions.

 Captain Mavela Masondo told Daily Sun a case of attempted murder was opened at the Sophiatown cop shop after one of the wounded victims opened a case. “Police are investigating and no one has been arrested yet,” he said. 

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