Ranaka's Baby joy!

Manaka Ranak. Photo by Robert Tlapu
Manaka Ranak. Photo by Robert Tlapu

ACTRESS Manaka Ranaka (41) is weeks away from welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world.

Manaka, who plays Lucy Diale on the popular soapie Generations: The Legacy, recently became a gogo as well when her eldest daughter, Katlego, gave birth.

The actress, who is preparing to become a mum yet again, is preparing to go on maternity leave.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the award-winning star said she was looking forward to her child, but motherhood wasn’t anything new to her.

“It’s the same feeling I felt when I had my two daughters, so this experience is nothing new.

“People have been saying they hope I’m carrying a boy, but we’ll see.”

“I look forward to giving birth to a child. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as it’s not an animal,” she chuckled.

The actress doesn’t subscribe to the notion that boys are heirs.

“Boys and girls are equally important and have different functions in society.

“I don’t believe that boys are necessarily better. According to society and culture norms, they’re carriers of legacies. Girls also bring kids into this world,” said Manaka.

“People have been saying they hope I’m carrying a boy, but we’ll see.”

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