Generations: The legacy actor can’t wait to be a dad

Actor, Nyaniso Dzedze and his wife, Yana are expecting their first baby. Photo from Instagram.Photo by
Actor, Nyaniso Dzedze and his wife, Yana are expecting their first baby. Photo from Instagram.Photo by

ACTOR Nyaniso Dzedze and wife, Yana Fay, are expecting their first child.

Known for his roles on shows such as Unmarried, Generations and Ashes to Ashes, Nyaniso is excited about becoming a first-time dad. He said their baby would be special.

Nyaniso said they started praying for a baby late last year.

“My wife and I are prayerful. We felt our baby wanted to start coming through towards the end of last year. We prayed on it and started to receive it. We started having dreams and eventually got the confirmation in December. That’s when we found out we were pregnant. It wasn’t much of a surprise,” said Nyaniso.

He said the journey’s been an emotional roller coaster ride.

“Yana’s family was around and stayed with us for three months. Her mum supported, comforted and reassured us it would be great and beautiful. But even though we expected it, I was going though a lot of emotions because it’s our first baby,” he said.


“I look forward to experiencing another version of myself, receiving the gift of God, the divinity and understanding the cycle of the gift of creation,” he said.

Nyaniso said they wanted their baby to learn about their cultures.

“The beauty of my wife and our union is she’s English-German and I’m Xhosa. One thing that’ll be interesting is making sure our baby knows the fullness of themselves and that they understand their German and English heritage and roots and ancestry of being Xhosa.”

He said they knew their baby would bring healing and peace.

“South Africans are wounded by how the British and Dutch took a lot from them. And here we are making a human that’s made up of all these aspects.

“I feel it’ll be a blessing.”

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