NOTA goes after CASSPER!

Nota Baloyi wants to see who has more money between him and Cassper Nyovest.
Nota Baloyi wants to see who has more money between him and Cassper Nyovest.
Darren Stewart

MUSIC boss, Nota Baloyi, is on to his new target – and it’s rapper Cassper Nyovest.

Nota, known for fighting with different musicians on social media, has now challenged Cassper to show his bank account so they can see who’s the richest between them.

In a now-deleted tweet, he posted a screenshot of his account that has R264 675 and said those who have less money mustn’t comment on his tweets.

“Don’t comment on my tweets, if you don’t have at least a quarter million rand in your rainy day savings account. It’s five to 4.20pm now, if you smoke weed recreationally this should be a sobering post. The only green I’m addicted to is money, trees are for special occasions,” he tweeted.

Comedian Trevor Gumbi also posted a screenshot of his account, which has over R7 million. Nota then challenged Cassper to show his.


“Cassper Nyovest, it’s your turn, don’t tell us Slik Talk cleaned you out!” he wrote.

But Trevor said he was joking and that was not his account.

Nota then claimed Cassper cannot afford the things he says he has.

“I’m waiting for him to screenshot his savings then I’ll finish (sic) him with my other account but as it stands, he can’t comment on my tweets!” tweeted Nota.

“Cassper Nyovest begging for eWallets but can’t even photoshop anything to shut me up. These McLaren ambassadors aren’t who they claim they are. Ain’t even got my ladies’ money. Meanwhile, Andile is buying him groceries, Lekau is paying his bond and his blessers buy him drinks @Konka!” he continued.

In his response, Cassper took the screenshot of Nota’s bank account and tweeted: “Your Mogul.”

He later challenged Nota to a boxing match and promised to give him R100 000.

This was after a tweep suggested they fight.

“Unlike Slik Talk, Nota doesn’t have the guts to step in the ring. He would never ever. He prefers tweeting. I would knock him out, in fact let me put it like this: Nota, I’ll give you 100k to step in the ring with me. Then, you’ll have 300k in your savings. Anytime, I am game!” he wrote.

Nota hasn’t responded to the challenge from Cassper.

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