Lucky opened up about being in an abusive relationship.
Lucky opened up about being in an abusive relationship.

MODEL and teen beauty queen Lucky Mthembu has shared her story of being engaged to a man who landed her in hospital.

The Miss Teen South Africa 2009 first princess had an interview on Unpacked With Relebogile on SABC3 on Tuesday, 21 September.

She said her partner was manipulative and a narcissist.

She spoke about the times he would beat her up, but she stayed and would make up excuses about what happened.

Lucky said it started as emotional abuse and eventually turned physical.

She said the first time he beat her up was the night before a shoot. They had driven from KZN to Joburg and got into an argument, which led to him chasing her out of their hotel room at 1am.

“We drove back to Durban, and I had a shoot the next morning. He broke a glass on my head and I went to the shoot with strangle marks and a bump on my head.”


Asked if she ever thought of leaving, she said no.

“I was operating in a place of brokenness. I wanted to be validated, but I wasn’t aware I’m remaining in this abusive relationship because my validation exists outside of myself.

“I lacked self-love, which is weird because I grew up in an environment where self-love was advocated for. It didn’t make sense later on for me why I allowed such treatment.”

The model said two ordeals stood out for her during the relationship and that is why she eventually broke up with him.

“One was where he landed me in hospital and broke my ankle. It was almost amputated and they told me I might never be able to walk normally again.”

Lucky said she got five protection orders, before they were finally approved.

“The reason why it ended up being five was because he knew how to evade the system… he wouldn’t sign them whenever the cops would come and would send me messages and say, ‘I’m not going to open the gate, I can see you sent your stupid cops here’.”

She also accused him of allegedly killing her mum.

“My mother was murdered. He sent hitmen on her and then later sent hitmen on me seven months later. That’s when I disappeared and he started attacking my family, because I was hiding. I saw he means business because he sent hitmen.”

Part two of the show will air on Wednesday, 22 September at 5pm.

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