Mandla and Lexi back together

Lexi Van Niekerk and Mandla Hlatshwayo are said to be back together to rekindle their Mandlexi love.       Photo by Lungelo Mbulwana
Lexi Van Niekerk and Mandla Hlatshwayo are said to be back together to rekindle their Mandlexi love. Photo by Lungelo Mbulwana

FORMER Big Brother housemates Mandla Hlatshwayo and Lexi Van Niekerk are said to be back in each other’s arms.

The couple, who were reported to have gone separate ways after the birth of their child, seem to have put their differences aside.

After their differences last year, they stopped posting each other on their social media pages.

But that changed a day after Valentine’s Day when Mandla first posted a picture of the three of them with the caption: “My family.”

Ever since that post, they have been posting each other.

Last week Lexi also posted a different picture of them also captioning it “family.”

When called for comment, Lexi declined to chat citing privacy.

Sources close to the two say the couple started having problems before their pregnancy and it became worse during the pregnancy.

“They needed time apart because it really worked for them. The two were becoming toxic for each other and at some point, Mandla spoke about having depression.

“In 2017 at Back To The City he was not okay and that is when he started going to most of events alone,” said the source.

Another source said Mandla, who won Big Brother 2014, was going through a lot as he was getting used to money and fame.

“He was young when he got that money and his life changed. That was the kind of change he needed to prepare him because it came with a lot of exposure to media and he wasn’t ready for that.

“He acted out of character most of the time because he thought in order to be taken serious, one needed to do certain thing. His relationship was also under scrutiny and it was too much for the couple because like everybody else, they are only human,” said the source.

The source said they are now in a good space and even thought they are not posting each other on social media as much as they used to, they are trying to keep their family together.

“The last time they posted each other was last July, and then recently started posting each other after Valentine’s Day. The maturity on both of them is evident and we wish they can only be the best parents from here going forward.”

Mandla was not available for comment and he also failed to respond to our messages.

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