Kwaito star Mampintsha said people must stop complaining about his prices. Photos from Instagram
Kwaito star Mampintsha said people must stop complaining about his prices. Photos from Instagram

GQOM producer and singer Mampintsha has responded to people who say his merchandise is expensive.

Mampintsha ventured into the retail business and revealed the price of his new clothes on social media.

People complained, saying they were expensive. He sells shirts, caps and bucket hats. His shirts start from R700 and his hats from R400.

Some said the shirts should go for R100 and nothing more.

He did not take the backlash lying down and responded to the comments in a video.


He said if the clothes are expensive for them, then they aren’t the target market.

“Guys, I posted the clothes and the prices, and more is coming. When you feel like the price is too much for you, it means you’re not the target market. I use quality material. I’m at work and I’m not playing. So those who keep on posting and complaining, you’re not fit for the clothes. Stop complaining,” he said in the video.

He said he will no longer respond to people who say the clothes are expensive.

“People must work. Those who have jobs must go to work, and those who don’t have jobs, we pray for them to get jobs so they can be able to buy the clothes. Otherwise, all this complaining is the last thing on my mind. We’re busy here.

“We’re making clothes and I won’t be responding to people I don’t know who are asking about madness. I go with the team that supports me,” said Mampintsha.

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