Lamiez opens up on orphanage struggles

Lamiez Holworthy. Photo: Instagram.
Lamiez Holworthy. Photo: Instagram.

MUSICIAN and TV presenter DJ Lamiez Holworthy has opened up about struggling to finish building her orphanage.

The Live Amp host revealed that the municipality where the orphanage would be situated was giving her the runaround, which was delaying her plans as she had anticipated to open the doors in December.

“The most frustrating part about trying to do the right thing and follow the rules is getting the runaround from the municipality regarding approval for my orphanage. It’s been months, and I have a deadline for Christmas and 30 kids who need that home,” she said.

She added that it would be easier to go ahead and build without permission like everyone else in that area was doing, but she stood to lose much more.


She said the municipality was pulling the rezoning card on her.

“Town planner then suggested we change the plans and made it smaller to submit to the necessary departments. Months later and a new story every other day,” she said.

This is not the first time that the media personality opened up about the challenges she was facing.

Previously, she opened up about needing beds for the orphanage, but later found them.

She told the People’s Paper why she decided to build the orphanage.

“I give not because I have a lot, but because I know what it’s like not to have. For me, giving back is my way of communicating with God and my ancestors. When God blessed me with a beautiful home, I knew it was time for me to bless the less fortunate with one.”

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