Ingoma Awards COO shocked by dismissal!

Thabang Mnisi said the axing was a blessing in disguise.
Thabang Mnisi said the axing was a blessing in disguise.

INDEPENDENT National Gospel Music Awards chief operations officer, Thabang Mnisi, was fired with immediate effect by founder and CEO Dan Raseluma on Thursday, 13 January.

While Raseluma decided not to share the reasons publicly, on Thursday, Mnisi took to Instagram to ask his friends not to associate him with the awards anymore. He said he was spreading his wings and he was glad he was out of a mess. “Family business never worked for me. I am glad now.”

Mnisi, who presents Moja Love’s Hallelujah, has been with the awards for eight years and even used the ceremony in October to propose to his girlfriend Dineo Mahabuke.

On Instagram, Raseluma said: “I have taken the decision to terminate the relationship between the foundation and Mr Thabang Mnisi with immediate effect due to reasons I prefer not to share. The formal letter of termination was forwarded to Mr Mnisi on 13 January. Mr Mnisi will in no way be involved in any project of the Ingoma Foundation, which include the Independent National Gospel Music Awards.”


He thanked Mnisi for his efforts in building the awards brand and wished him well.

Thabang said the termination came as a shock, because he worked hard.

“I don’t know what made him write the statement. I’m shocked because I got the email that said I’m being let go with immediate effect.

“How do you fire someone you don’t pay, who has more resources than you? A person who has helped you and you say he’s fired, on what grounds? I don’t even have a contract with him, yet he’s firing me,” said Thabang.

“But leaving is a blessing in disguise. I didn’t benefit for eight years, being a COO without a salary. I served with my blood and sweat and invested so much and didn’t benefit.”

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