Snenhlanhla ‘Sneziey’ Msomi has a good reason to smile.     Photo from      Instagram
Snenhlanhla ‘Sneziey’ Msomi has a good reason to smile. Photo from Instagram

FORMER Idols SA contestant Snenhlanhla “Sneziey” Msomi is officially engaged.

The 2019 runner-up got engaged on Saturday, 6 November and her partner paid lobola for her.

The 27-year-old shared the good news on social media, saying she couldn’t wait to become Mrs Vusani.

She said she and her partner had been together for nine months, but she did not want to reveal his name.

“He had a crush on me after he saw me on Facebook. He saw a video I made with friends in 2017. He kept on sending messages, which I did not respond to,” she said.


“In 2018, he sent more messages and I didn’t respond. He finally sent me a friend request and after a while, we started talking. In 2020, I had a gig in Cape Town, where he lives, and decided to meet up with him.”

Sneziey said that was when she realised he might be the one.

“I’m a very awkward person around people I don’t know. However, I wasn’t awkward with him. We had a great conversation that flowed. From there, I gave him a chance,” she said.

The South African Music Awards nominee said the lobola negotiations went well.

“In our culture, your partner doesn’t come into the woman’s yard until they finish paying lobola. I was sitting in a separate room when my uncle called me. I was wondering what went wrong but it turned out I was being surprised with a ring,” she said.

She had been hiding him from social media. “I only posted him on WhatsApp and even then I hid his face with an emoji. People on social media would ask me if I was in a relationship and I would say yes. When they wanted to know with who, I would tell them my boyfriend would not be revealed until he put a ring on my finger,” she said.

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