From Limpopo to Hollywood

Kope ‘Tswyza’ Makgae wants local people to tell their own stories. Photo from Instagram
Kope ‘Tswyza’ Makgae wants local people to tell their own stories. Photo from Instagram

KOPE “Tswyza” Makgae has opened Limpopo’s first film and TV studios.

The Generations: The Legacy actor will officially be launching Wyza Media Studios in Polokwane on 20 November.

Tswyza said he wanted to take Limpopo to Hollywood through his studios.

“I want people in Limpopo to tell their own stories, in their own language and do it while in their province,” he said.

“There are many stories from Limpopo,but they’re filmed in other provinces because we don’t have the resources. That will soon change because Wyza Media Studios is now open.

“The aim of this project is to take Limpopo to another level in the film and TV spectrum.”

The actor and musician said the studio had been in the works for 10 years.

“I’ve had this dream and have saved money for it. I had no sponsors or partners,” he said.

“This was a sacrifice I was willing to make and reaching my dream is amazing.”

He said the studio would be accessible to people living outside of Limpopo.

“For example, we have the Kruger National Park and people come and film documentaries here. They can hire equipment from us. They don’t need to bring their own.”

Tsywza also opened a film and TV academy called Wyze Media Academy in Limpopo in January.

I basically want to uplift Limpopo and teach them about the film and TV industry, hence the school and now the studio. I want to encourage people and teach them about my journey, give those who don’t have access to information help. I also want to show people that I haven’t forgotten about where I come from,” said Tswyza.

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