Gospel star Thinah Zungu
Gospel star Thinah Zungu

POPULAR gospel singers have been spotted hanging out with the Durban inyanga who is known as Dr Khehlelezi.

That raised eyebrows for gospel fans and social media users who questioned their sudden friendship.

Some even accused Thinah Zungu and Dumi Mkokstad of ukuthwala and having Mamlambo, but the artists defended themselves saying their relationship with Dr Khehlelezi is strictly business.

Dr Khehlelezi told Daily Sun it’s unfortunate that some people saw him only as an inyanga who helps with ukuthwala.

He said it’s also sad that his relationship with gospel singers has caught so much attention.

“I help people with any problem they have, including artists. Artists are human beings too. They experience problems that any human being does,” said Dr Khehlelezi.

He said he’s close with gospel artists because he sometimes hires them when he has a gig.


“I hire artists like Thinah, Jumbo, Ayanda Ntanzi and others to perform at my gigs. I’m aware that most of them have been accused of having Mamlambo just because they had been seen with me. That’s not fair on them,” he said.

Thinah said it broke his heart when he learnt people interpreted his relationship with Dr Khehlelezi,

who’s also known as Nyanga Yodumo Mzo, in an evil way.

“There’s nothing that bring me closer to Dr Khehlelezi except business. I work hard for what I have. I don’t have Mamlambo. Dr Khehlelezi hires me to sing. There’s nothing more than that,” said Thinah.

Jumbo said as a man of God and a singer, he accepts any gig regardless of the host.

“I can’t say no to a gig. I’m a musician. I don’t care of what others think,” said Jumbo.

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