Cash, trophy and apology up for grabs

Emtee wants to meet Kgosi Mahumapelo in a boxing ring.
Emtee wants to meet Kgosi Mahumapelo in a boxing ring.

RAPPER Emtee wants to challenge Ambitiouz Entertainment founder Kgosi Mahumapelo to a boxing match.

The Manando singer said he felt Kgosi was sabotaging him.

Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, said Kgosi had ruined his reputation.

“Right now everyone thinks of me as a drug addict and it’s because of his company. I left the company and now suddenly I’m a drug addict?

“I’d like to think of myself as a gospel rapper because I motivate youngsters, but all of a sudden I’m a drug addict. This is all his work because I finally saw the light and left the label,” he said.

“My name has been dragged through the mud and I’m tired.

“I’m challenging him to a match and the winner will get the money, trophy and a public apology.”

Emtee claimed Kgosi had also ruined his friendships.

“The man used to tell me to dump my friends Sjava, Ruff and Saudi. Today my relationships with most of my friends are no longer good because he’d lie about me,” he said.

“Since Kgosi came into the picture, things have been bad for me.”

When the SunTeam called Kgosi to get his side of the story, he laughed and said: “No comment.”

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