Azola takes umjolo to next level!

Azola Mlota helps people find love.
Azola Mlota helps people find love.

FROM Twitter to a dating app, #UmjoloWithAzola is growing.

The hashtag is always trending on Sundays and the founder, Azola Mlota, is launching a dating app.

Azola from Elliot in the Eastern Cape spoke to SunBuzz about the hashtag and where it all started.

“Umjolo With Azola started in 2018 on Twitter. A friend of mine urged me to take advantage of my influence on Twitter.

“This hashtag helps people find love. People post their pictures under the hashtag, state what they’re looking for and then, they open their DMs and wait for their ideal partner to message them,” he said.

Azola said he is proud of how much the hashtag has grown in the past three years.

“#UmjoloWithAzola runs every Sunday and it trends with no fail. I don’t even push it anymore. I wake up and it’s already trending. That’s how much people want love,” he said.


“In the past years, people have sent me messages to tell me they’ve got married or engaged and have kids with partners they met under the hashtag. Over 100 people have successful testimonies. In the past month about eight people have got matched,” said Azola.

He said the app was inspired by his desire to grow the community outside of Twitter.

“One day, I came across a tweet that said what if one day Twitter is cancelled? And I thought about that and I decided to move this so that even when Twitter is no more, the Umjolo With Azola community continues. As we’re waiting for the app, I have a website and over 2000 people have visited it. This shows me that when the app comes, people will join,” said Azola.

Azola said he hopes to be known as the man who brought soulmates together.

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