Amalove back for Master KG and Makhadzi?

Musicians Master KG and Makhadzi
Musicians Master KG and Makhadzi

MULTI-AWARD-WINNERS Master KG and Makhadzi have set tongues wagging.

It all started when Master KG shared his photo with Makhadzi, with the caption: “I miss you.”

Then Makhadzi posted a similar message, where she was more specific, writing: “I miss my man.”

Their fans quickly concluded that the ex-lovers were back together. But, the posts attracted mixed reactions from their followers. Some said he was using her while others said she deserved better.

Shelly Brown posted: “They love each other. The guy is fully loaded and can get any girl, including myself. Stop saying he is using her. For what? Master KG is richer than my queen. Just be happy for them.”


Zwaida Netshidzivhani wrote: “I respect you as a musician, but you play with women’s feelings. You broke her heart and left her hanging. She moved on with a loving and respected businessman. Now you are back in her life because she is doing well. I just hope our African queen can get herself someone who will respect her, not you.”

Makhanya Hlongs commented: “You look like twins in love. Stop wasting each other’s time and get ready, especially you Master. Makhadzi deserves someone who will treat her like a queen, not one who will break her heart.”

The artists used to be in a relationship but last August, they publicly announced their break-up on their social media platforms.

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