AFTER a 10-year run, Cornet Mamabolo (31) will be taking a break from popular soapie Skeem Saam.

The actor, who plays Thabo “Tbose” Maputla, said he wanted to focus on his business interests and was planning to make his insurance company his priority.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said bidding farewell to the show was not easy.

“Making the decision to take a break from the show was very difficult, and saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” he said.

“It was quite emotional saying goodbye, especially because I’ve been part of the show for a very long time and the cast and crew have become family to me.”

But Cornet said he was not leaving the show forever.

“I don’t know how long this is going to be. It might be months or even a year, I am not sure. But be assured I will return,” he said.


Cornet said he was introduced to the insurance industry in 2013 when he was a financial advisor. He said for the time being, his priority would be to make his company, Digni Financial Service, the leading insurance company in the country.

“I saw a gap in the market and it’s a space that is white dominated and difficult to tap into. I felt like the industry needed young black people.

“My long-term plan is to have branches all over, but the main thing for me is job creation and to eradicate unemployment.”

When asked if he’d take a big role if it was offered, Cornet said he was recently injured while mountain biking and it would depend on the role.

“I’m just taking a break.

“I am not quitting acting, so if an opportunity came and made sense to me, I would take it,” he said.

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