Mashbeatz and A-Reece are no longer friends.
Mashbeatz and A-Reece are no longer friends.

RAPPER A-Reece and former producer and friend, Mashbeatz, have rekindled their beef.

The two, who stayed friends after their squad The Wreaking Crew split up, are no longer in good terms.

In March, MashBeatz unfollowed A-Reece on Twitter and Instagram.

A-Reece released a song titled The Confrontation on Friday, 10 December, where he spoke about why he, Mashbeatz and The Wrecking Crew split up.

On the song he said he will no longer be the nice guy because silence made him uncomfortable.

His fans then assumed most of the song was about Mashbeatz.

On the song, he says: “I’m not surprised that it ended with no communication. I’m just confused that you made it about remuneration. Then took it personal just to protect your reputation. Yeah, it’s all a simulation.


“This whole time I avoided making a speculation. This whole time I’ve been waiting to have a conversation. But you would rather pay lawyers to make a mediation. Yeah, tribulations and trials. Suddenly you demanding exaggerated amounts. Got me thinking I should’ve left solo back in the South.”

The song started trending, with people saying it was about Mash, who didn’t take it lying down.

Mash said there were two sides to a story and A-Reece’s side was not the correct version.

“Please don’t attach my name to these rap beefs for some viral moment. This is real life,” wrote Mash.

He said the song was not a confrontation and A-Reece liked playing the victim.

“Please, it’s no confrontation to me if you can’t even look me in the eye. At least change your rollout plan cause dissing niggas & playing victim every year is not progress. It’s too predictable now.”

A-Reece hasn’t yet responded to Mash’s tweets.

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