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SGB stands for School Governing Body and  it consists of parents, educators, non-teaching staff who seek to work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the school.

The  SGB has a number of functions listed to them according to the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 as amended( SASA).

The parental body of an SGB should be majority of the voting members and these parents are nominated  and elected by the parents. 

The school principal and some elected representatives which include teachers, staff members  and other members that have no voting rights  also form part of the SGB. 

According to an article published by the Western Cape government, the  SGB must:

Decide on an admissions policy for the school.

Decide on the language policy of the school.

Decide on what religious practices will be followed at the school.

Adopt a code of conduct for learners which sets out disciplinary procedures.All these decisions and policies must be in line with national policies.

The SGB must also:

Adopt a constitution setting out how the SGB will operate.

Adopt a school mission statement setting out the values and beliefs of the school.

Decide the times of the school day.

Administer the school's property, buildings and grounds.

Make recommendations regarding the appointment of educators at the school.

In addition, a governing body can be given any of these functions:

Maintaining and improving the school's property, buildings and grounds

deciding on the extramural curriculum and the choice of subject options according to provincial curriculum policy

buying textbooks, educational material and/or equipment for the school

paying for services to the school.

In essence, the work of the governing body is to ultimately support the school. It is  important for the school principal and the SGB to have a good relationship so that both parties can do the best for the school. 

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