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KLARINET, SOUTH AFRICA- JULY 23: A group of pupils
A group of pupils are stranded without transport. Photo by Gallo Images  ~ 

AS a parent the safety of your child in getting to school, should be your first priority.

The deaths caused by many scholar transport incidents in recent years led to government, passing a major regulation governing the transportation of school children.

 Regulation 250 of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) forbids the transport of children in the goods compartment of a vehicle for reward.

According to the Automobile Association (AA) many parents simply don’t have a choice but to use operators whose vehicles are in a poor state.

“It’s a decision based on giving your child an education or not. For this reason, more reliable, accessible, safe public transport is essential, especially in rural areas, where bakkie transport is more common,” the AA said.

According to the AA Regulation 250, also prohibits the transportation of people in the goods compartment of bakkie for reward, unless they are enclosed in a canopy.

It also prohibits people to be transported in the back of a bakkie if they are seated near any goods or tools.

This regulation is aimed at improving the safety of passengers on the back of bakkies.


In the rush of trying to get transportation for your child, make sure that the vehicle used has the following.

·         The vehicle must be less than 12 years old

·         The vehicle must be registered, licensed and be roadworthy

·         The vehicle must have a valid operating licence

·         The vehicle must clearly specify the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle,

·         The vehicle must have a seatbelt for every child and a car seat for those younger than 3 years old

·         The vehicle must have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit

·         The vehicle must have a passenger list of all of the children who are being transported, and have copies of each child’s birth certificate or identity document (ID) in case of an accident.

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