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When I was attending school, many years ago, It was compulsory for every learner to be involved in an extra mural activity.

I was always a child who loved extra mural programs in school; I thoroughly enjoyed different programs throughout my school career.

It is known that most of our memories made in school are outside the classroom.

There are many benefits for children who are involved in extra mural programs.

Here are some reasons why extra mural activities are important for your child.


Most extra mural activities in school are usually performed outdoors. Letting your child be exposed outside in the sun helps children absorb vitamin D which will help your child’s immune system and bone development.


When children get to perform activities outside the classroom particular in High school, this helps your child to become more social. Some extra mural activities such as sport are very interactive and people orientated. There are also many chances that your child will be in an environment of interacting with other children he/she may not know. This teaches your child to open up and to become more social.


Most extra mural activities in schools are various sports such as; soccer, netball, hockey, swimming, tennis, Athletes and rugby. All these sports help children get their daily exercise to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for children is very important as it lowers the chance of lifestyle diseases faced amongst children such as obesity.

Improving confidence and self esteem

Extra mural activities can help boost your child’s confidence and self esteem. This happens when a child is encouraged by their parents or guardians and through winning sport games and compliments. Constructive criticism also helps a child in the long-term to constantly improve themselves.




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