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Whenever people ask me about high school or primary school, it always seems like such a blur, but when I really think hard about my school days, I had a lot of great memories. I am one of those people who would literally cry if I ever have kids who hate school because I loved school.

Now of course it wasn’t all that, I mean, nothing in life is ever perfect, But I must say there were a lot more good memories than bad.

When I was in Primary school I wasn’t an active child. I literally would go home when the school bell ran and when I got to High school, that all changed. I guess maybe because I went to a school which was quite strict in being involved in an extra mural programme. I went into High school already had made the decision that I was going to try out every sport I could and just to be involved everywhere. I did Swimming, Water polo, Choir, Netball, RAPS Plays, Drama, Squash, Newspaper committee, Poetry group, Dance and Cheerleading

I achieved quite a lot in High school other than primary school. And it was great; It helped me develop a strong sense of self and High esteem. I think what also contributed to it was the hard work to get there. I remember with everything I did, I was very intentionally. I knew exactly why I did it. It all usually was to get to a specific goal I wanted to achieve, and I did. There were A LOT of disappointments, but I never dwelled on them and they didn’t make me give up. In High School I achieved a lot being The Vice President of the SRC and part of the Governing Body, I was a Prefect in my final year. I was elected Class Representative for fours in my High School career, I was awarded a few team awards and I had a good merit score throughout.   

I however feel like I should have made different choices in Primary and High school when it came to making friends. But the beauty in life is that we live and we learn. I had amazing friends throughout my school career, they contributed to the woman I am today. I had lots of great memories in my friendship circles throughout school. I remember laughing till I’d cry and roll on the floor, I remember sharing deep secrets, I remember sleepovers – they were always the best.

I remember I was in a maths class and I had my History study notes opened on my desk, My Maths teacher said to me, “You love to study, don’t you?” I was a bit embarrassed because what child loves to study? Ahhh no. She said, “I can see you like to learn, there’s nothing wrong with loving to learn”. I was that kind of student who kept a homework diary up till Matric. In my senior year of High school I had a separate book for every subject where I would write my notes from the classroom in so that by exam time, I already had notes. Learning something new every day was one of the best parts of school. I wish I knew that then, but I now know that now.    

We all have different destinations we want to get to in our lives. Perhaps yours is to make new friend this new school year, pass Matric or make the first team rugby team. The important thing while keeping your focus on where you want to go is to enjoy the journey, be present in the moment and make lots of memories.

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