The first day your child goes to school can be mixed with emotions.

There can be excitement, nervousness, anticipation and even some sadness.

So, what will be the most important things for them to know about their first day at school?

An understanding of how to act in the classroom can greatly impact the transition into school.

Skills such as raising his or her hand, following directions, and asking to go to the bathroom are important for a child to know.

By the time school begins children should know their parents ‘names, address and phone number.

They should also be taught know how to interact with their peers.

Scheduling play dates over the summer with other children entering your child’s class is a good way for your child to find familiar faces on the first day.

Most importantly, talking, listening and eye contact are all important things to teach a child before their first day.

Children need to be considerate of other people’s feelings. says that you should, “give your children opportunities to cultivate compassion.”

Teach them to befriend the new kid in school or encourage them to get involved in activities.


 Source: Operation Warm