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Kids go to school so that they may be able to read and write.

To succeed in modern life, your career, and improve your quality of life, it is vital to have good literacy skills.

It is more than just being able to read, but rather how you use written information to function in modern society.

Reading and writing are two parts of a greater skill called Communication.

They have a lot of benefits that can get people through life.

Reading books can increase your intelligence by understanding vocabulary and information more.

At school and in the real world, one will be doing a lot of reading and writing so it's a good preparation.

As for writing, it helps improve your handwriting and other writing problems.

it's something we use to communicate our thoughts or organise our emotions.

A person will be expected to do this a lot so it’s better to learn this skill.

To be able to master this skill, then kids should be encouraged to read and write daily.

According to My Dream Course Blog, there is no doubt that literacy is a fundamental tool to achieve success and further career opportunities and, on a whole, improve the quality of life individual and communities they live in. Having the skills to communicate, read, and write is vital for social and economic development. It allows individuals to expand their knowledge and understanding of society. It also assists people to adjust to their environment.

A 2013 research done by Unesco Institute for Statistics show that there are roughly 774 million adults who cannot read or write of which almost 60% are women. Unesco Institute for Statistics estimates that some 123-million youths are illiterate and that only 87% of females have basic literacy skills compared to 92% of males.  Statistics for South Africa estimate that roughly 8.5 million adults are illiterate according to Unesco. Local research done in South Africa estimate that about 4 million people have never attended school. Even with these bleak statistics, the number of students graduating from universities is growing year by year.


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